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Hi Everyone! My name is Ebony. I am a Carolina native but I have had the privilege of living in many different states! In college I studied Business Finance but my forever passion has been theater and film! A few of my most favorite things are Reading, Writing, Singing, and Cleaning (Crazy I know)! Sitting on the beach and looking at the endless ocean is my place of peace! God is truly the best Artist I have ever known! I am married to an amazing man and we have one outstanding daughter! I live with a real life Princess, you couldn’t tell her any different! When my friends and I decided to start this blog we just wanted to share our hearts with anyone interested in listening! We have been able to encourage each other in so many areas and we would love to welcome you all in on what everyday women, wives, moms, believers experience! We have hope and most of all faith! Actually 3 times the faith! I hope you enjoy reading what flows from my heart to yours!
Hello! Welcome to our site. My name is Tiffany, I was born in North Carolina however I grew up in Georgia. I love God, helping people, traveling, fitness and just having a great time. I have a  bachelors degree in Nursing and currently I am being all that I can be in the military. My life has truly been a blessing. I am married to my high school sweet heart and he still gives me butterflies after 17 years. We have two amazing children and two dogs. Military life is great! I have traveled and developed amazing friendships with so many people. In particular Ebony & Fia, they are really like sisters to me. We inspire, encourage, mentor and motivate each other to rise above the norm, go after our goals and to dream BIG! ….So please join us as we share our journeys with you !
Hello my name is Khafia. I was born in Philadelphia, PA and raised on the panhandle of Florida. I’ve always loved traveling and meeting new people. When I graduated from high school I enlisted in the Army and the journey began. Thanks to Uncle Sam, I have met friends who have become family in every corner of the world. The best part of that journey was meeting my husband of 19 years and having our two amazing boys. My time in the military has made me acutely aware of the sacrifices that military families make and the difficulties they face. God has given me a passion for encouraging the families that He has placed in my path.  I retired after 23 years of service in 2017, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart and my prayers for military families.  I love cooking, decorating, and spending time with friends, family and most importantly God. Thank you for stopping by. I hope that you are blessed by what we share.
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