Grandma’s Stories

As a child, I always loved listening to old people’s conversations. I spent many summer days with my grandmother and her sister, picking and shelling butter beans and crowder peas, playing cards and listening to their conversations. I realized they never quite minded me listening as long as I was quiet.  That was the unspoken rule, because children were not allowed to interject in adult conversations unless invited to do so. I loved to hear them recall stories from their youth and stories about other family members. Some funny, Some sad, but always unforgettable.  The reason that they were unforgettable is because I heard them for what felt like a million times.

I see the same look on my children’s faces when they sit and listen to conversations that I have with my mother.  Some stories entertain, some may even enlighten or encourage them. But of all the family stories they hear,  what I want them to remember most is how God delivered us from generational curses, healed us and continually shows us His love and favor. Most importantly,  I want them to experience the same joy when they hear the stories of our Heavenly Father.  The good new is that He has given us so many family stories to reflect on in His Word, and they’re all beneficial for our physical, mental and spiritual well-being (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Most importantly, God wants to answer our questions and give us understanding of everything that He tells us in His Word. He even gave us a helper especially for that task (John 16:13).

Our natural families may have a famous legacy or even an infamous legacy, but God’s Word tells the true story of our legacy. Even if our families have great legacies, recognized by many, they can never compare to what God has in store for us (1 Corinthians 2:9).

It’s my prayer for you that you delight in the testimonies of God and find joy in the holy legacy that He’s given to us all through Christ. Until next time, be blessed! Khafia

I have inherited Your testimonies forever, For they are the joy of my heart.
Psalms 119:111

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3 thoughts on “Grandma’s Stories

  1. That is a blessed opportunity for children to know and understand God’s greatness and love in our life! God bless you and your family more. 💖


    1. Thank you! May His blessings and favor be upon you and yours as well ❤

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