Ger·mi·na·tion – noun

Sometimes God can do his greatest works in your darkest hours. I was sitting at life group the other day listening as we discussed the book Frequency by Robert Morris. Fellowship can be so intriguing when everyone submerges themselves in the discussion. As we continued discussing the study questions one of my friends paralleled her answer with the process of seed growth and the trials one seed must overcome before it reaches its full potential. Now I am no botanist ( plant scientist) so the details were unfamiliar to me. She said that the seed had to dry out completely before you plant it and that the seed can’t grow in just any type of environment. The temperature, moisture, air and light all play a role. She also said that the best growth comes from the seeds that are worn and tattered prior to planting. Kind of like you and I. The best testimonies come from those of us who have weathered the storm. Depending on our circumstances, if we are planted in the right place we will either grow and become all that God has intended for us to become or we start to die. Not physically but spiritually. You see, what I found out listening to my friend and looking up this topic was that when a seed is planted and covered by dark moist soil germination doesn’t automatically happen. The seed goes through a step-by-step process. It needs water to nourish the embryo inside and heat, not too much but just the right amount, to supply it with energy. It also needs time, lots of time because growth does not occur over night. I know we all can testify and say that we wish some situations would change over night but they take time too, not our timing but GODS! As believers our growth is contingent on our source which is the almighty God. He is our energy, our light! (Psalms 27:1) and the seed is the word of God concerning eternal salvation (Luke 8:11 AMP) and all of us that believe in, rely on and trust in God from our inner most being will flow continually rivers of living water (John 7:38 AMP). This enables us to grow and reach our full potential. You may be covered in soil right now and it may appear that there is no light in sight but GOD is working on you, His masterpiece, His fearfully and wonderfully made son or daughter. He is perfecting you for what He has called you to do. As you go about your day, keep in mind germination is a beautiful process and so is our walk with Christ. The other day as I sat there listening to my friend speak about this process I became overwhelmed with the words and tears started to flow from my eyes because we are all going through germination. Whether you have been lying dormant for a certain time and now receiving your nourishment and starting to sprout, God has a plan for you. We are all products of the things we go through, don’t let your darkest hour prevent you from obtaining your light. God always has a plan! (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)


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